Copy of Jewelry Care

Our jewelry is made to last a lifetime with proper care. All pieces are carefully handcrafted and require simple maintenance to stay in top condition. Here are a few guidelines to ensure longevity...

Regular Mainentance

Store your 925SUNEERA jewelry in the pouch provided with your order, keeping safe from extreme heat or moisture. Take care and use common sense not to expose your jewelry to excess sweat or moisture through daily activities. You may wish to clean your silver and gold jewelry regularly with mild soap, warm water, and a soft bristle brush to remove particles of dirt or any sign of tarnish.

We advise against commercial at-home cleaning chemicals, silver polish, or dip style cleaning solutions. Baking soda, toothpaste, acetone, and bleach are abrasive and will remove our custom finishes like black rhodium plating. Our satin brushed finish and black rhodium plating tends to polish itself over time with natural wear. We recommend sending your jewelry to us for a yearly maintenance that includes re-finishing.

Annual Maintenance

We recommend an annual professional cleaning from us which includes inspecting of all stone settings and re-finishing any pieces that may require it. Contact us if you think your jewelry is looking dull and needs cleaning or inspection. We will send you instructions by email after authorizing repair services. For a small fee after the first year, we will professionally clean your piece(s), inspect all stone settings and clasps, tighten prongs, and re-finish your jewelry as necessary. This maintenance includes assessment of any chipped or missing stones, which may incur an additional fee. If a stone needs replacing, we will give estimates and options before proceeding.